Eight Tips to Prevent Clogged Drains this Spring

Blocked drains and water outlets are a very frequent and extremely irritating issue majority of people encounter. Yes, blockages happen every now and then but there are some useful steps which you can adopt to limit the increase of their occurrence. If you are interested to avoid blocked and choked drains this season, follow these tips:


The Do’s and Don’ts of blocked drains

Make sure, no oil and grease finds its way to the drain. It is advisable to collect  all grease and oil in a disposable bag or box and discard it. Oil and grease are primary factors of blocked drains because they harden once in the pipes and create blockage. Excessive accumulation has catastrophic results because not only do they block pipes but also stick acts as an adhesive to other debris.


A very effective approach is to use drain screens. drains in our homes deal with detergents and soaps, shredded hair, dirt and other miscellaneous items that turn out to be an obstacle for the drainage system. Using a screen acts as a stopper that allows only the waste water to pass through and stops other items that can cause blockage.


Make sure that food particles are disposed off properly and don’t find their way in. Having a garbage disposal is helpful but make sure peels and skins and hard materials such as eggshells do not enter the garbage disposal. These items can both harm the disposal and clog the drains. Also make sure to have a stable and ample flow of cold tap water while using the disposal because it flushes out the remains more efficiently as opposed to hot water. It transports the debris out of the system.


Flushing anything down the toilet besides toilet paper is a big NO. Any other product such as paper or regular towel can easily clog the drain and should be thrown in the trash.


Make a habit of boiling some water and passing it through the drain, this will aid in melting the build up grease and flushing out the debris.

The most radical step to avoid blocked drains is to ensure professional help and examination regarding the drainage system. Prevention is better then cure and early diagnosis can save from a bigger damage. whenever you detect a blockage, give 3 Mountains Plumbing a call.


How can we help?


Irrespective of how complex and difficult to access the drain is, Pompa Plumbing North Hollywood can fix it. Our team consists of skilled and authorized personnel’s who are capable of fixing all drainage problems. We offer the following services:


Inspection through video:

We employ high tech tools to capture real time data and know the exact situation and condition of the pipes. This enables us to target the exact  point of blockage and provide you with an accurate estimation of. Cost and expenditure.


Drain Snake Services:

A professional drain snake is a very effective method to remove and clean the strongest of blockages. Strong chemicals and home remedies regarding snaking can cause damage to the pipes instead of removing the blockage. It is best to let the professionals do their job, because it suits them the best and they know their.job. Enjoy a smooth and comfortable drainage system this spring and call Pompa Plumbing North Hollywood, whenever you suspect a blockage.